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Competencies are abilities, skills, traits, and personal characteristics that contribute to superior performance in a job… that outstanding performers demonstrate more often and with better results than do average performers.

Executive Competencies Development (ECD) is a Professional Development Program uniquely designed to guide employees to develop a Competency Development Plan and to execute the plan in order to become productive and valuable to any company. The key contribution is to identify the few competencies that differentiate superior performance from average performance.

A comprehensive training to develop some of the 25 identified competencies, including seven leadership qualities, eight communication skills, six managerial soft skills and four self-management capabilities… an indicator of professionalism,  innovate solutions,  and employability.

Competency cannot be developed overnight, nor learned in class room. With continuous awareness of deficiencies and under structured training, desirable characters and qualities will slowly but firmly develop. Support and reinforcement from employers are key elements to success.

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